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We specialize in Custom Made Southeastern Indian
Pow-Wow Regalia and Accessories

2 Doves Trading Post is your place for Southeastern Indian Pow-Wow Regalia, Jewelry, Artifacts and other wonderful crafts.

We have plenty of Southeastern Indian Pow-Wow Regalia for sale...Everything for your Pow Wow needs, or even for your home as decor.

Our intent is to offer custom made pieces that will produce heirlooms for generations to come. We create art on an individual basis by honoring that person with a visionary process - combined with research. This honors the traditions of the past and the present.

If you would like to discuss any of the items or would like to discuss having any item(s) custom made - we would love to hear from you.  We are located in Pace, Florida at the Pea Ridge Market on Hwy. 90.

Our policy for selecting merchandise for 2 Doves Trading Post is that it must be culturally accurate, and a good value.  This includes many products which are not Indian-made, as defined by the Indian Arts & Crafts laws, including most commercially-produced goods. Any reference to clothing associated with a specific tribe IS A REFERENCE TO THE STYLE of that tribe's clothing, and is not a claim that a member of that tribe made the item.

Do not assume that any product listed on this website is "Indian Made" in accordance with the Indian Arts & Crafts legislation, unless specifically stated.  See details of 2 Doves Trading Post company policy - >>> Click here.

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